Siberian Tampa: Neva Masquerade Colorpoint Siberian Cats   

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Litter Q, born 24 March, 

On the left: Queenie: Seal Golden Tabby Point, female # 1, reserved for Ammie L

On the right: Quebec: Seal Silver Tabby Point male, reserved for Tanya E  

On the left: Qurasava, Seal Silver Tabby Point female #2 reserved for Tifany P

On the Right: Qucklena, Seal Tabby Point female #3 reserved for Chelsea T

Litter P DOB 

20 March

On the Left: Pushkin: Blue Smole Point male, reserved for Drew Z.

On the Right: 

Pelageia, Bue Point female # 1 reserved for Drew Z  

Left: Paulina: Blue Tabby Point female # 2 reserved for Jennifer M

Right: Plushechka, Blue Smoke Point female # 3, reserved for Monica V

Ohotnick (Blue Tabby Point with White) and Oatcake (Solid White) 


Oleg, Oduvanchick, Oxana, Odessa and Oatcake  

Orlando on the left, Ohotnick is on the right 

Litter N: Born 24 August 2018. Female #1: Narnia 





Litter N: Female # 2: Nejdanna 

Litter N: Nevada, Female #3   

Litter N: Nasha Female #4 

Litter M:16 August. Boy 1: Marshall  

Litter L DOB: 21 April   Lubava and Lubomir

Litter L born 21 April: Lubomir (left) 

 Leopold (right) 




Litter J: Jhukov: Male #1: white w/blue eyes 




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Jenika: Female:  white w/blue eyes 

Jorick on the photo above: Male #2: Blue Tabby Point with white


Jhivago: Male #3: White w/blue eyes  

Litter J DOB: 28 January 2018

Jenika,  Jhivago, 



Litter "I" : 14 Nov 2017

 Isayaev & Ignatoff

Litter H July 2017: Havana, Habarov and Havroshka,  Queen: CFA CH Laura Lapushka Sibirskoe Chudo, Sire : CFA CH Shumaher Oduvanchik  


Litter G April 2017  Gagarin Gogol & Griboedov     

Fyodor: Blue Smoke Point at 11 weeks old  

Litter F: Fyodor Dostoevsky on the left and Felix Dzerzhinsky on the right at six weeks old.       

Litter F: Felix, March 2017

Littter E: Esenin

Litter E: Esenin, Evanka, Efim and Enisey at 8 weeks old, Seal Silver (Tabby) Lynx point  

Litter D October 2016: Quinn: CH Laura Lapushka Sibirskoe Chudo

Dimok at four weeks old: Blue Smoke Point SIB as 33

Litter D: Daria: Blue Smoke Point  

Litter B: Baikal, Boris and Baikonur Siberian Tampa   

F: CFA CH Shumaher Oduvanchik Sibirskoe Chudo SIB ns 21 33

M: CFA CH Tsea Printsessa Sibirskoe Chudo SIB ny 21 33

Our girls, Litter B:  Baikal and Baikonur.

Litter A alumni: Seal Silver Tabby Point, Alenushka at 5 months old