Siberian Tampa: Neva Masquerade Colorpoint Siberian Cats   

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Ohotnick (Blue Tabby Point with White) and Oatcake (Solid White) 


Oleg, Oduvanchick, Oxana, Odessa and Oatcake  

Orlando on the left, Ohotnick is on the right 

Litter N: Born 24 August. Female #1: Narnia 


Litter N: Female # 2: Nejdanna 

Litter N: Nevada, Female #3   

Litter N: Nasha Female #4 

Litter M:16 August. Boy 1: Marshall  

Litter M : Girl: Malina Siberian Tampa 

Litter L DOB: 21 April   Lubava and Lubomir

Litter L born 21 April: Lubomir (left) 

 Leopold (right) 

Litter K: 2 March 2018: Katyusha 




Litter J: Jhukov: Male #1: white w/blue eyes 



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Jenika: Female:  white w/blue eyes 

Jorick on the photo above: Male #2: Blue Tabby Point with white


Jhivago: Male #3: White w/blue eyes  

Litter J DOB: 28 January 2018

Jenika,  Jhivago, 



Litter "I" : 14 Nov 2017

 Isayaev & Ignatoff

Litter H July 2017: Havana, Habarov and Havroshka,  Queen: CFA CH Laura Lapushka Sibirskoe Chudo, Sire : CFA CH Shumaher Oduvanchik  


Litter G April 2017  Gagarin Gogol & Griboedov     

Fyodor: Blue Smoke Point at 11 weeks old  

Litter F: Fyodor Dostoevsky on the left and Felix Dzerzhinsky on the right at six weeks old.       

Litter F: Felix, March 2017

Littter E: Esenin

Litter E: Esenin, Evanka, Efim and Enisey at 8 weeks old, Seal Silver (Tabby) Lynx point  

Litter D October 2016: Quinn: CH Laura Lapushka Sibirskoe Chudo

Dimok at four weeks old: Blue Smoke Point SIB as 33

Litter D: Daria: Blue Smoke Point  

Litter C: Casanova, Cashka, Calina , Chereshnia and Chudo.  July 2016.  

Seal Golden Tabby Point male, other kittens are Seal Silver Tabby Points.   Kittens are adopted as pets only, and have the immunizations age appropriate, including deworming profilaxis. Spayed/neutered cats are able to compete in premier class competition in CFA/TICA cat shows.  

Litter B: Baikal, Boris and Baikonur Siberian Tampa   

F: CFA CH Shumaher Oduvanchik Sibirskoe Chudo SIB ns 21 33

M: CFA CH Tsea Printsessa Sibirskoe Chudo SIB ny 21 33

Our girls, Litter B:  Baikal and Baikonur.

Litter A alumni: Seal Silver Tabby Point, Alenushka at 5 months old